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For Natural Results, Try Fat Grafting

Facial skin is more delicate than the skin on other parts of your body, so your face will exhibit the signs of aging sooner than you might like. This cosmetic concern tends to make people look older than they feel, prompting them to seek the benefits of cosmetic surgery.

Recent aesthetic advancements have ushered in a new option that can help resolve facial aging with minimal intervention. Injectables are an attractive alternative to plastic surgery, with quick and convenient treatments that offer stunning results.

There is also a more natural procedure called fat grafting that employs your tissue to resolve wrinkles, folds, and fine lines. Here, you can learn more about fat grafting to replace lost volume for natural facial rejuvenation.

What Is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting goes by many names, including fat injections, micro-lipo injection, fat transfer, free fat transfer, and autologous fat grafting. Regardless of your label preference, this procedure involves removing natural fat from one body part and injecting it into another.

For example, your plastic surgeon can harvest living fat tissue from areas with excess, like your buttocks, thighs, or abdomen. After carefully purifying the donor fat cells, they will inject them into your lips, tear troughs, around your mouth, or in your cheeks. The fact that the procedure is minimally invasive contributes to its popularity. Natural-looking facial rejuvenation is the most common reason our patients choose to undergo fat grafting.

Most people don’t realize it, but body fat is the ideal injectable. There’s no risk of an allergic reaction because it comes from your body – your immune system does not regard its tissue as a foreign object to attack. Also, autologous fat feels realistic, providing a comfortable, soft filler.

Fat Grafting Benefits

Fat has a frustrating tendency to accumulate in areas we don’t want it, like the abdomen, buttocks, or thighs. Often, people spend months denying themselves their favorite foods or sweating away for hours at the gym to eliminate stubborn fat. However, a little extra fat in specific areas, like your breasts or face, can make you look younger with a pure rejuvenation, using no foreign objects or products.

Fat grafting can remove unwanted fat deposits from areas like your belly, butt, and legs to replace lost volume in target areas. In addition, because it is tissue taken from your body, it is longer-lasting than temporary fillers or artificial implants.

Here are some other benefits to consider:

  • Youthful outcome
  • Eliminates allergic risk
  • Enduring results
  • Removes undesirable fat in trouble zones

Where to Go for Fat Grafting in Austin

If you’re considering fat grafting in Austin, TX, for facial rejuvenation or breast enhancement, look no further than Restora Austin. Voted Texas Super Doctors, Drs. Reid and Gordon have created a warm and stress-free environment where you can focus on your cosmetic needs.

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