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Out Of Town

Traveling from afar?

Whether you are traveling across town, or across the globe, the team at Restora Austin and Inspire Surgery Centre has the experience to take care of your needs. We are lucky enough to have patients from not only around the US, but around the world. If you are traveling from afar, we will complete as much pre-operative work as possible via emails and phone/video calls, so that no amount of time is wasted. Once you schedule your consultation, you will be given an access code for our patient portal. You will be able to fill your medical questionnaire and other forms for your surgeon to review. You will also be asked to email or mail us photos. With all of this information, your surgeon can formulate a tentative surgical plan. For the convenience of patients residing outside of the Austin area, we may also be able to schedule a virtual consultation.

We ask that you plan to arrive in Austin at least 1-2 days before your scheduled surgery to meet with Dr. Reid or Gordon for a full medical evaluation and to finalize your individualized surgical plan. Depending on your procedure, an overnight stay at our surgery center may be required, and we may request that you spend several days to several weeks in Austin, so that your recovery can be monitored. The length of time we ask you to stay varies based on the extent of your surgical procedure(s). Your safety is our #1 priority. If possible, we recommend you bring a friend or family member to help you after your procedure. If that’s not possible, we can recommend a highly skilled private duty nurse. Our network of resources from car service to hotel and other personal accommodations are at your service. Please call us at 512.371.8817 or email one of our patient coordinators, or, for more information. We look forward to meeting you!