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Hair Restoration in Austin, TX

Losing your hair can feel like losing your identity and your youth. Our patients report feeling embarrassment, frustration, and even anger at the loss of their hair. The causes of hair loss are many and so are the available treatment options. Come into Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre to explore your options for hair restoration.

What Causes Hair Loss?

The human scalp is home to thousands of hairs, nearly 100,000 on an average, healthy scalp to be exact. Every single day hair falls out and new hair grows in. Daily hair loss of 50-100 hairs is normal and expected and should not produce a significant change to the hair patterns or hairline.

Although some hair loss is normal and the hair does thin with age, many men and women experience accelerated hair loss as they age. This can lead to baldness, thinning, and changing hairlines. Common causes of hair loss include genetics, medications, hormonal changes, stress, and medical conditions. More than 50 million men and women in the U.S. suffer from hair loss.

Hair Restoration in Austin, TX

We are the most comprehensive hair restoration center in Central Texas treating a variety of hair issues, including thinning hair and hair loss in men and women. We offer medical and surgical treatments, including medication, topical therapies, PRP (platelet rich plasma), microneedling, regenerative therapies using stem cells, and NeoGraft follicular unit transplantation. We know that hair loss therapy requires an individualized approach and we partner with you to find solutions that address the specific causes of your hair loss. We treat both men and women with excellent results.

To treat hair loss, we must first understand its causes. We’ll work with you to determine if your medications or medical conditions may be causing the loss.  If so, we may be able to treat the problem by changing medications or treating specific medical conditions. Other patients may need to explore our many hair restoration options, including surgical and non-surgical treatments.

During your consultation, we will obtain your medical history and perform a complete exam. After your examination, you will be sent for blood work, as hormones, vitamin deficiencies, and thyroid abnormalities can lead to hair loss. We use all of this information to formulate an individualized treatment plan for you. Most often, a combined treatment approach yields the best results. Our treatment plans are carefully formulated to provide real, noticeable results for each patient.

We may recommend one or more of the following treatments as part of your hair restoration protocol.

  • Medication– Some medications cause hair loss. Patients that are taking one of these medications may be able to stop hair loss by changing their prescription. We also use medications to treat thinning hair in both men and women.
  • Topical Therapies– Topical treatments are rubbed into the scalp to increase blood flow to the scalp and help make the follicles stronger. These treatments work well for many patients but must be taken consistently. Topical treatments must be used regularly to maintain the benefits experienced.
  • PRP– PRP, short for platelet-rich plasma, uses the regenerative properties in human plasma to stimulate hair growth. We start this treatment by extracting some of the patient’s own blood. The plasma and growth factors are concentrated and injected into the scalp. This is an effective choice for both men and women.
  • Microneedling– Microneedling uses small needles to induce tiny controlled injuries to the scalp and jumpstart the body’s healing response. It is a popular treatment option for hair restoration in Central Texas. We typically combine PRP with Microneedling.
  • Regenerative Therapies Using Stem Cells– Stem cells offer many possibilities for hair restoration. We are pleased to be on the forefront of this emerging treatment option for hair restoration. Our surgeons are always exploring new options and innovations to provide our patients with options for treating hair loss.
  • NeoGraft– NeoGraft is a type of surgical hair restoration. It is an automated FUE (follicular unit extraction) system. Individual hair follicles are extracted and transplanted into the areas that need additional hair. NeoGraft offers many benefits over other hair transplantation methods including no long linear scar, freedom to style hair long or short, shorter recovery times, and fewer activity restrictions. Many of our patients return to work several days after surgery. NeoGraft produces lasting results usually after a single treatment. While NeoGraft can be used for men and women, it typically works better for men with male pattern baldness. Women typically have more diffuse thinning so stem cells with PRP and Microneedling tend to work better for women.

Come in for a consultation to explore your options for hair restoration in Austin, TX with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Ashley Gordon or Dr. Dustin Reid.

Hair Loss in Women – A Common Problem

We treat hair loss in both men and women. Although male hair loss is very prevalent and commonly talked about, our female patients aren’t alone in their struggles. More than 21 million women in the U.S. suffer from thinning hair and even baldness. An estimated 80% of all women have noticeable hair loss by the age of 60.

We understand the unique needs of a female hair restoration patient and are experienced working with women of many ages and ethnicities that struggle with this common problem. You aren’t alone and help is available. Treatment is typically multifactorial. Many of our patients are female.

Who Choose Restora Austin for Your Hair Restoration?

At Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre, our goal is for men and women to look and feel their best. If you’re losing hair and are unhappy about it, know that there are treatment options and that we are here to help. Our plastic surgeons are experts in treating thinning hair and our practice is one of the most popular hair restoration centers in the Austin area.

We are pleased to offer our patients NeoGraft, one of the most effective and advanced options available for hair restoration. This surgical treatment can restore natural looking and functioning hair with minimal risk and almost no downtime. Stem cells are another cutting edge way to stimulate dormant follicles.

In addition to surgical offerings, we also offer non-surgical treatments for hair loss. We focus on providing our patients with an individualized approach to hair restoration and our patient-centered practice is designed for your convenience and comfort.

Let’s explore your options for hair restoration together. We are excited to meet you and look forward to helping you regain your confidence as we regrow your hair! Call 512.371.8817 or email us at to schedule your consultation.

Hair Restoration in Austin, TX: Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Be Able to Cut and Style My Hair After Austin Hair Restoration?

Both surgical and non-surgical treatments for hair restoration improve your hair. This hair follows the natural growth cycle. Once it has established roots and begins to grow, you’ll be able to have it cut and styled, just like you’re used to. Whether you like to wear your hair long or short, hair restoration options are available to help you achieve your favorite look.

Does Hair Transplantation Leave Scars?

One of our most popular options for hair transplantation is NeoGraft, an innovative solution that transplants hair with no linear scarring.

Are Women Eligible for Hair Transplants in Austin?

Hair restoration therapies and surgeries are effective for both women and men. Women tend to have diffuse thinning, rather than pattern baldness. This hair loss pattern responds best to treatments like stem cells with PRP and microneedling, rather than transplantation.

How Much Does Hair Restoration Cost in Austin?

We have many treatment options for hair restoration, with costs that can vary significantly. Come in for a consultation to explore treatment options and learn about our financing and payment plans.

Will You Use Real Hair for Transplantation?

We use a patient’s real hair for hair transplantation, not artificial or donor hair. We harvest the hair from other areas of the scalp where hair is plentiful – often the back of the head for patients experiencing male pattern baldness.

Do I Have Non-Surgical Options for Hair Restoration?

Surgery isn’t the only way to enhance the appearance of your hair. Medications can help alleviate thinning, as can non-surgical treatments like PRP and microneedling. Non-surgical treatments generally work best if you start early, before hair loss becomes significant. Come in and see us as soon as you notice the first signs of hair thinning.

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