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Your Consultation at Restora Austin

At Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre, we believe that aesthetic surgery is an experience, not a single encounter. Your experience begins the moment you contact our office. Our devoted team of professionals is at your service, and we are here to personally address your individual needs. At your initial consultation, you will receive the undivided attention of our clinical consultant, Brandy, or one of our fabulous nurses, and your chosen surgeon. Your consultation is valuable time when we will discuss your goals, explore various treatment options and figure out what treatment plan will work best for you. We encourage you to bring photos to show us results that you like. If you are coming in for an “Age Fabulously” consultation, we encourage you to bring in pictures of when you were younger starting from high school and then each decade after. Straight on face shots are best. This helps our surgeons analyze your individual aging process. Dr. Reid or Dr. Gordon will discuss what procedure or procedures will best address your concerns. The risks, benefits and expected recovery will be discussed at length. This is your time to ask questions and connect. There is no rush, no pressure. After your consultation, you will meet with your patient coordinator to review the cost of your proposed treatment plan, financing options and scheduling. You may wish to schedule your procedure or treatment at the time of your consultation, or you may wish or be advised to wait. Our goal is to give you the confidence to move forward with your decision. We aren’t simply interested in transforming the way you look, we want to transform the way you feel. We can’t wait to meet you!

Are You an Ideal Candidate for Cosmetic Surgery?

The reasons for choosing cosmetic surgery vary among individuals. Pressures to remain competitive in the business world, coupled with society’s drive to maintain a youthful, healthy appearance, have stimulated the fascination with plastic surgery in magazines, television and in the media.

So, are you an “ideal” candidate for cosmetic surgery?

You should:

  • Be physically and mentally healthy
  • Be in a stable place in life and not in the middle of a life-changing or stressful time
  • Be happy with yourself and like who you are, but have the desire to change a specific physical feature(s)
  • Be able to comply with pre- and post- operative instructions
  • Accept all parts of the treatment and recovery plan, including unexpected outcomes or complications
  • Have realistic goals