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How To Provide Support During Recovery From Cosmetic Surgery

One of the most important and beneficial things you can do for your plastic surgery recovery is to make sure that you have a solid support system. This person can be a spouse, significant other, friend, family member, or hired caretaker. They should be reliable and someone you’re especially comfortable with since they may be […]

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What Can Be Done About Stubborn Bra Rolls?

Many women don’t realize that diet and exercise, although helpful and important, have limitations on how they can alter the body’s shape and appearance. Sometimes, surgery is the only thing that can target stubborn areas. At Restora Austin, we specialize in the Tummy Tuck 360 to help our patients enhance their figures and feel more confident in their […]

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How Long Will Your Face Feel Tight After a Facelift?

For many of our patients at Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre, facelift surgery has been an ideal anti-aging procedure to address their cosmetic concerns and attain their aesthetic goals. Though facelifts are among the leading plastic surgery procedures in Austin and throughout the U.S., each patient’s facial anatomy is different. A common question we hear […]

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For Natural Results, Try Fat Grafting

Facial skin is more delicate than the skin on other parts of your body, so your face will exhibit the signs of aging sooner than you might like. This cosmetic concern tends to make people look older than they feel, prompting them to seek the benefits of cosmetic surgery. Recent aesthetic advancements have ushered in […]

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Causes of Protruding Ears and Treatment Options

Protruding ears may be a cute characteristic when you’re a kid, but growing into early adolescence and adulthood with ears that stick out too far from your head can be embarrassing and a source of distress. A child with prominent ears is often the target of bullying and social alienation, which can lead to long-term […]

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How Your Facial Appearance Changes After a Rhinoplasty

If you have been considering a rhinoplasty, it is essential to consider the changes that will happen before committing and undergoing the procedure. You might be hesitant to undergo rhinoplasty because you think that you may not look like yourself after the operation. However, living your life unhappy with the appearance of your nose profile […]

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Why Everyone is Talking About EMSCULPT®

In just the past decade alone, technology has advanced in incredible ways capable of transforming the world of dermatology and plastic surgery. One of these advancements is the nonsurgical body contouring treatment called EMSCULPT®. Quickly becoming one of the most popular body toning procedures, it is being used today by people all over the United […]

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Our Videos

Restora Austin is largely based on word of mouth referrals from happy patients. Although we are one of the busiest plastic surgery practices in Austin, we will always remain a boutique practice, where quality time spent with patients and building long-term relationships are our top priorities. Watch these patient testimonial videos to learn what you can expect when you visit our practice.



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I went to many other doctors, did extensive research, did a lot of consultations… I just never had that feeling that everything was a complete package. So I was researching on the internet and I went from the Houston market to the Austin market, and Restora came up. It did not matter if there was one review, or 120 reviews, it was always five stars.

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