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Everything you Need to Know About Preparing and Recovering From Top Surgery

Everything You Need to Know About Preparing and Recovering from Top Surgery For many transgender patients, top surgery is a momentous landmark on their road to living a life with authenticity. However, like other major surgeries, the procedure can be overwhelming. Knowing what to expect and where to start can reduce much of the anxiety. […]

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How Much Pain Can I Expect After Top Surgery?

How Much Pain Can I Expect After Top Surgery? Getting top surgery is a welcome milestone for many transgender patients. But like most surgical procedures, this procedure raises questions and concerns which your doctor should answer before moving forward with this decision. One of the more common questions we hear is, “Is recovery painful?” First […]

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The Importance of Board Certification in Plastic Surgery

board certified plastic surgeon

If you’re thinking about plastic surgery, choose a board certified plastic surgeon for your procedure. Board certification proves a doctor’s expertise and training in a particular field, and for aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, plastic surgeons are among the most qualified. When you need a car repair, you go to a mechanic. When you want a […]

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The Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation You Never Knew

From head to toe, aging and life take a toll on the body. We’re not just talking tummies and faces, those seldom discussed feminine areas also experience unappreciated changes as part of the aging process. If you’re no longer feeling comfortable or confident “down there”, come see us and let’s talk vaginal rejuvenation. Vaginal rejuvenation […]

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Bride to Be? When to Start Booking Your Wedding Treatments

pre-wedding cosmetic treatments

Planning a wedding can be stressful, but with Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre, there’s one thing you won’t need to worry about. With our help, you’ll know that your skin and body are at their best. Before you say, “I do,” call us to schedule your pre-wedding procedures. Our Most Popular Surgical Procedures for Brides-to-Be […]

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Time to Consider Summer Body Prep

body contouring procedures

Is it summer yet? As soon as the new year hits, we start counting down to one of our favorite seasons of the year, bikini season. In warm and sunny Austin, TX, bikini weather starts mid-spring and continues well into the fall. We long for days by the pool, weekend trips to the lake, and […]

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Combining Plastic Surgery Procedures: Is it Safe?

Our philosophy at Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre is simple, “Beginning with Trust, Ending with Beauty.” We realize that for a successful plastic surgery, each patient must place their trust in their surgeon. We are honored by the trust our patients give us and always ensure that the procedures we offer are safe. Patient safety […]

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Can I Breastfeed After Breast Surgery?

Many of our breast surgery patients are young women, hoping to have children and breastfeed them in the future. They look forward to motherhood, but for now, the time isn’t right. These women want to change their breasts now and hope to breastfeed when they eventually have children. They often ask, “Can I breastfeed after […]

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Our Videos

Restora Austin is largely based on word of mouth referrals from happy patients. Although we are one of the busiest plastic surgery practices in Austin, we will always remain a boutique practice, where quality time spent with patients and building long-term relationships are our top priorities. Watch these patient testimonial videos to learn what you can expect when you visit our practice.



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I went to many other doctors, did extensive research, did a lot of consultations… I just never had that feeling that everything was a complete package. So I was researching on the internet and I went from the Houston market to the Austin market, and Restora came up. It did not matter if there was one review, or 120 reviews, it was always five stars.

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