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4 Signs That You Could Benefit from Breast Reduction

For some women, having naturally large breasts can seem like a curse rather than a blessing. Large breasts can cause physical and cosmetic issues and even make it challenging to perform simple tasks throughout the day. If you are someone who received large breast genetics, or you developed them throughout puberty, childbirth, or age, a breast reduction can vastly improve your quality of life.

At Restora Austin, Dr. Dustin Reid and Dr. Ashley Gordon combine modern surgical techniques with classic aesthetic approaches to reduce the size of your breasts to enhance their overall appearance. Drs. Reid and Gordon use proportion and balance to help create natural-looking results for their patients.

Continue reading for signs that you could benefit from a breast reduction in Austin, TX.

Breast Reduction at Restora Austin

During a breast reduction, your surgeon will skillfully remove excess skin and tissue to help contour the breasts in a way that better matches your overall physique. Your breast reduction may involve one of the following incisions:

  • Incision around the areola
  • Vertical incision from the bottom edge of the areola to the breast line
  • Horizontal incision on the breast line

Liposuction may also be used for patients who only need excess fat removed from their breasts. In addition, it can minimize scarring as it requires much smaller incisions; however, it does not produce dramatic results.

The 4 Signs

1. Severe Back Pain

Excess weight on the chest can pull the shoulders forward and strain the nerve fibers and muscles in the back, causing severe pain. As a result, some women also experience headaches, shoulder pain, neck pain, arm numbness, and nerve damage. By relieving some of the weight through breast reduction, your posture will naturally improve, taking the strain off your back and lessening a significant amount of discomfort.

2. Trouble Exercising

Having large breasts can make exercising a challenge, especially running, biking, yoga, or aerobics. This, in turn, makes it difficult for some women to maintain a healthy weight. While there are sports bras designed to help support large breasts for physical activities, they can be costly and uncomfortable.

3. Shoulder Grooves

Over time, women with large breasts start to develop permanent grooves in their shoulders where the weight of their breasts pulls down narrow or thin bra straps. Other women find their spine has become curved due to hunching over or being unable to maintain a healthy posture because of their breasts.

4. Difficulty Finding Clothing

Shopping for flattering clothes can become a hassle for women with large breasts, especially when it comes to items like swimsuits or tank tops. Many women feel uncomfortable wearing clothing that might accentuate their breasts, in fear that it will draw unwanted attention.

Trust Only the Best for Your Breast Reduction

If you can relate to any of these common ailments caused by large breasts, a breast reduction is likely the solution you need to help you feel confident in your body again. With the help of renowned, critically acclaimed surgeons Dr. Reid and Dr. Gordon, you can experience the freedom of having smaller breasts.

Explore your options and find out if you are a good candidate for breast reduction by calling (512) 371-8817 or completing our online form to schedule a friendly consultation at Restora Austin.

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