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Our Philosophy

“Beginning With Trust, Ending With Beauty”

Our patient-centric approach helps make Restora Austin the premier plastic surgery center in Central Texas. We get to know our patients far beyond their procedure of interest.

The sense of discovery, that occurs through one-on-one conversations during your initial consultation and subsequent meetings, enables Dr. Reid or Dr. Gordon to truly understand your motivations and goals. These conversations lead to a trusting relationship between you and your surgeon that is mandatory for superb results. We’ll carefully explore your treatment options, so you can feel confident in your final decision.

In an age of heightened information, much of which comes from television, beauty magazines, the internet, and the input of friends, you can count on us for tried-and-true, yet cutting-edge information. If possible, we’ll offer you a treatment hierarchy with various options. We can then prioritize your concerns and discuss the risks, benefits, and limitations of each option. This allows us to strike the perfect balance between your deepest desires and what you can invest both emotionally and physically. Lifestyle and budget are also very important considerations.

At Restora Austin, patients have their own patient coordinator who facilitates the journey from initial consultation through the recovery period and beyond. Special services include a skin care program tailored to you that optimizes the result of your procedure. By the time you reach INSPIRE Surgery Centre, you will be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared. The final outcome: the best version of you.

Watch these videos to learn more about Restora Austin and our practice philosophy.