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Non-surgically eliminate fat and increase muscle in Austin, TX!

Nonsurgical body contouring has quickly become one of the hottest aesthetic treatments available, demonstrated by the rising numbers of people who take advantage of its benefits each year. In 2017, more than 180,000 people chose nonsurgical body contouring because of its ability to get rid of pesky fat without undergoing surgery. Because it has been proven both safe and effective, nonsurgical body contouring is routinely listed as one of the top three most-requested cosmetic treatments. As advances in technology and techniques evolve, it’s now even easier to trim away trouble spots – including undergoing body contouring courtesy of EMSCULPT®, the latest innovation in nonsurgical body contouring.

Body Contouring at Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre

At Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre, Dr. Reid and Dr. Gordon pride themselves on their relationships with their patients. As experienced, board-certified plastic surgeons, their expertise and training are vital to a successful procedure. But they also believe that building trust with their patients is also an integral part necessary to achieve superior results. Our surgeons are innovators in their field, and are always working to improve and perfect their techniques in order to provide you with the best possible outcomes. Dr. Reid and Dr. Gordon approach each procedure with fresh eyes and the understanding that there is no “one size fits all” path to successful aesthetic surgery. Instead, they provide their patients with individualized care that combines time-tested and cutting-edge information to help you arrive at the best version of yourself. This philosophy makes EMSCULPT® the ideal addition to our practice. Call Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre today to schedule a consultation and discover what we can do.

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EMSCULPT’s® approach to nonsurgical body contouring is unique, because it focuses on an essential piece of the body sculpting equation that no other method addresses – increasing muscle. The power of EMSCULPT® comes from utilizing high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM), which works to activate supramaximal (or forced) muscle contractions. During your EMSCULPT® session, your abdominal muscles are stimulated, causing approximately 20,000 contractions (equivalent to 20,000 crunches), something you could never achieve naturally.

While other nonsurgical body contouring devices can only promise a reduction in fat, EMSCULPT®does more by increasing your muscle mass at the same time. EMSCULPT® is an effective treatment for both men and women, and works on any body type – whether you have stubborn bulges of fat that refuse to budge or you’re already slender and fit, but are looking to put the finishing touch on your athletic physique with a bit more sculpting.

Why You’ll Love


Besides providing a safe and effective way to reduce excess fat by almost 20 percent, EMSCULPT® also offers several added benefits that aren’t available from other nonsurgical body contouring procedures, including:

  • Up to 12 percent improvement in diastasis recti, a condition where your abdominal muscles weaken and separate vertically down the midline of the abdomen
  • Up to a 16 percent increase in muscle mass
  • FDA-cleared
  • The only completely non-invasive butt lift available can only be performed using EMSCULPT®
  • Treatment is completely painless
  • No side effects and no downtime or recovery necessary

What to Expect

When you come into Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre for your EMSCULPT® consultation, we will begin by discussing your body contouring goals and creating a customized treatment plan for achieving optimal results. Each EMSCULPT® session takes about 30 minutes – a time where you can simply relax while the device does all of the work. Following your treatment, you may feel some soreness in your abdominal muscles, similar to how you would feel after a challenging ab workout.

You may see some initial results immediately after your final EMSCULPT® treatment, but it typically takes around two to four weeks for more noticeable results to appear. Your results will continue to improve over the course of the next six months, eventually leaving you with a beautiful, more toned and slender shape.

If you want to learn more about the newest device in the nonsurgical body contouring revolution, it’s time to discover more about EMSCULPT®. Call Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre today at 512-371-8817 and schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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