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Brachioplasty or Arm Lift

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Do you want firm, sexy arms?

The back of the upper arms is a favorite destination for fat to accumulate. As if this weren’t annoying enough, add to that living in the Texas heat. Are you one of thousands of women who’d love to wear tank tops and strapless dresses for most of the year, but find yourself constantly trying to hide your arms? We are happy to report that there are treatments to get your arms tight and toned.

Read on to identify your particular concern and the surgical solution that will have you flaunting your more sculpted arms.

Your Arm Concerns:

Bat-wing-like appearance of arms with severe laxity and excess skin and fat

Solution: A brachioplasty or arm lift, which combines SAFELipo® of the arms with skin sculpting to reshape the arm. This procedure requires an incision that runs the length of the inside of the upper arm from the armpit to the elbow.

Extra fat of your upper arms with moderate excess skin and laxity

Solution: SAFELipo® of arms combined with a short incision (in the axilla or armpit) brachioplasty

Extra fat of your upper arms with mostly firm, elastic skin

Solution: SAFELipo® of arms


SAFELipo® alone is a great way to reshape the upper arms by reducing excess fat, but whether liposuction alone will work depends on the quality of your skin. Unfortunately, the skin of the upper arm is thinner than skin on most other parts of the body, so it is more likely to stretch and sag. SAFELipo® is great at removing excess fat, but your skin must be able to retract in order to achieve the best result. Our goal is not just to remove excess fat, but to truly recontour and sculpt your arms. The surgery is done through one or two small incisions just above the elbow and/or in the armpit. Small cannulas are used to gently and safely remove the fat and to minimize the risk of contour irregularities.

An arm lift or brachioplasty may be required to achieve your desired result if you have lost a lost of weight or if your skin is so thin that it won’t retract after the fat is removed. An arm lift removes both excess fat and skin to reshape and tighten the upper arms. The procedure always includes an incision in the armpit that, depending on the degree of correction necessary, may continue vertically down to the elbow.

Brachioplasty Incisions

Without question, the scar is the major concern of most patients considering this procedure. We take this concern very seriously, and an artistic approach will be utilized to position your incision on the inside of your upper arm, ideally so that it cannot be seen from the front or the back. In addition, we will teach you how to promote excellent scar healing after surgery with compression and topical scar treatments. We also offer light based and laser scar treatments to minimize the appearance of your scars long term.

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