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Did you marvel at your newly enlarged breasts during your first trimester?

Are you disheartened now with a loss of firmness and perkiness?

Pregnancy brings changes to the breasts around 8 weeks. At this time, the breasts begin to grow rapidly, usually by 2 cups sizes. Later in the pregnancy, as the body prepares itself for breastfeeding, the milk-secreting glands are stimulated and cause swelling in the breasts. The weight gain, swelling and hormonal changes can alter the shape and size of the breasts and take a real toll on the skin. Women who opt out of breastfeeding still experience changes in their breasts, but women who nurse typically have more sagging because their breasts stay engorged longer. This, in turn, stresses and stretches the skin. Even though the breasts typically get smaller after pregnancy and breastfeeding, women who had large breasts before babies may still feel too big after pregnancy.

Everyone is different, but the most common change we see in breasts after pregnancy and/or breast-feeding is that most or all of the volume is lost in the upper part of the breasts. This can make the breasts appear flat and saggy, even if they are small, because all of the tissue is in the lower pole of the breasts.

Identify your concern below to learn about the best treatment option for you.

I’ve always had large breasts, but now they are saggy and too big

Solution:     Breast Reduction

My breasts are smaller than they’ve ever been in my entire life

Solution:     Breast augmentation

I have flat, saggy breasts

Solution:     Breast lift with or without implants

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