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How a Chin Augmentation Can Help You Achieve a More Balanced Profile

If you are one of the many people with a naturally small or weak chin, there’s now a new way to achieve more facial harmony. A chin augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that allows patients to achieve a more balanced profile. It may come as a surprise to learn how even a small change to one area of your  face can significantly impact your self-confidence and overall appearance.

At Restora Austin, instead of using surgical intervention, our renowned doctors can now improve facial harmony with a Botox chin augmentation.

All About Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation

A chin augmentation can enhance the size and shape of your natural chin by adding definition to the jawline. A more defined and prominent chin visibly affects the entire face. It can complement your nose and make your neck appear slimmer and longer.

One way to enhance the chin is by surgically inserting implants. But how does a non-surgical chin augmentation work? Let’s break it down. Some people have an enlarged masseter muscle – which we use to chew – creating extra facial width that makes their chin look smaller. At Restora, our surgeons selectively inject micro-droplets of Botox into the masseter muscle on each side. Since Botox temporarily blocks the nerve signals that cause muscle contractions, these injections weaken the muscles over time, leading to an overall reduction in their size. While a non-surgical chin augmentation can help define your chin and create a more contoured lower face, it won’t affect your ability to chew or smile.

How Can a Chin Augmentation Help Your Facial Symmetry?

Chin augmentation with Botox can improve your appearance and confidence by altering the height or width of the jawline, balancing your lower facial features. A more contoured lower face brings other benefits, too, like a smaller-looking nose and a slimmer neck and face.

The Results of a Chin Augmentation With Botox

Most patients report a more relaxed masseter muscle after a few weeks post-treatment and a softening of the jawline after six to eight weeks. Results typically last four to six months, but can vary depending on the muscles’ thickness. Some patients have noticed a permanent change to their jawline after two to three treatments.

Remember, some habits directly contribute to enlarged masseter muscles. These include chewing gum or hard items like ice, and even grinding your teeth. We encourage patients to try and minimize or stop these activities before their chin augmentation.

Chin Augmentation in Austin, TX

If you’re considering a chin augmentation in Austin, TX, look no further than Restora Austin. Voted Texas Super Doctors, Dr. Dustin Reid and Dr. Ashley Gordon create a compassionate, collaborative, and safe environment focused on your aesthetic needs. For more information, call us at (517) 371-8817 or contact us by filling out our convenient online form.

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