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How Long Will Your Face Feel Tight After a Facelift?

For many of our patients at Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre, facelift surgery has been an ideal anti-aging procedure to address their cosmetic concerns and attain their aesthetic goals. Though facelifts are among the leading plastic surgery procedures in Austin and throughout the U.S., each patient’s facial anatomy is different.

A common question we hear from facelift patients is about facial tightness after surgery. Is facial tightness normal after a facelift, and when will it go away?

The Facelift Procedure

Any tightness after facelift surgery is an expected side effect, and indicates you are healing correctly. To understand this fact, we must discuss what happens during a facelift. First, your Restora surgeon will create incisions in your hairline and around your ears. Next, they will lift underlying tissue and remove excess skin. Lastly, they will suture everything back into place. Any facial tightness results from the repositioning of underlying facial structures and trimming lax skin.

What to Expect After Facelift Surgery

Facial tightness is a sign the body is reestablishing proper neural pathways following surgery. The incisions necessary to perform any surgery may cut different nerves. As the wounds heal, your body attempts to restore these pathways or create new ones. This process includes your skin experiencing several unusual sensations at the incision sites, ranging from tingling to numbness or burning to tightness.

Will the Tightness Fade?

In most cases, facial tightness will fade anywhere from six to 12 weeks after the surgery. Your surgeon will recommend various ways to manage this issue, including:

  • Gently massage around your jawline.
  • Keep your head elevated when sleeping.
  • Avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activities.
  • Apply cold compresses as needed.

The herb Arnica montana can also aid in resolving facial tightness starting two weeks after the operation. But the best advice to remember is to be patient. Your facial tightness will fade with time, and you will love looking a decade or more younger.

 Ready to Explore the Benefits of a Facelift?

The importance of choosing the right surgeon with a passion for facial plastic surgery and exceptional surgical skills is a critical first step in your cosmetic journey. In addition, each patient has unique facial anatomy and ages differently. Facelift surgery requires a customized approach to reverse signs of aging for natural-looking and successful results.

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