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How To Provide Support During Recovery From Cosmetic Surgery

One of the most important and beneficial things you can do for your plastic surgery recovery is to make sure that you have a solid support system. This person can be a spouse, significant other, friend, family member, or hired caretaker. They should be reliable and someone you’re especially comfortable with since they may be helping you with the more personal necessities like bathing or using the restroom. Here is a comprehensive list of how exactly they can best support you during your recovery.

Attend As Many Appointments with The Patient as You Can

The initial consultation at Restora Austin with Dr. Gordon or Dr. Reid will go over all the essential information in depth, including how the procedure is done, the risk involved, the benefits, and what to expect during recovery. Your caretaker is welcome to attend these appointments to better understand the process and what to expect.

On the day of the surgery, have your caretaker drop you off at the surgical center and provide their contact information to our medical staff. Our team will update your caretaker as needed throughout surgery and give them ample notice of when it’s time to come pick you up. After surgery and recovery, the post-op nurse will provide the caregiver with in-depth instructions for any suture care, medication information, and post-op appointment information.

You will be unable to operate a vehicle for a certain period of time following surgery, depending on your prescribed medication and your doctor’s instructions. You will most likely be due back the next day for your 1-day post-op appointment to make sure everything went well in surgery and your recovery is on track. At this time, Dr. Gordon or Dr. Reid will give any further instructions on limitations and physical restrictions.

Study Their Pre- and Post-Operation Instruction Sheet

These sheets will contain everything your caregiver needs to know on how to care for you during each stage of cosmetic surgery.

While your caretaker will be there to help, it will be your responsibility to take it easy for at the least the first few days after surgery. Walking around a little bit is recommended (10 minutes every two hours in the house) but no more than that. No laundry, no cleaning, no cooking, and no lifting of heavy items for the first few weeks.

Set Up a Comfortable Spot with Necessities Within Easy Reach

Necessities might include a drink of water, fruit juice, crackers, or smoothie. You should drink at least 8 ounces every two hours to keep your body hydrated, so your caregiver should always make sure that you always have fresh water available.

They could also provide you with a tablet, book, or remote.

Your medication should also be easily accessible with a notebook to keep track of when to take each one.

If you have kids or pets, it’s important that your caregiver knows how to care for them too, whether that is meals or transportation.

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