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Will Plastic Surgery Make Me Look Too Unnatural?

Don’t leave Mother Nature in charge of your appearance. With plastic surgery you can improve your natural appearance, addressing your biggest aesthetic concerns. You’re in charge of how you look. Whether you want bigger breasts, fuller lips, or fewer wrinkles, we offer a variety of treatments to enhance your body from head to toe. With a skilled plastic surgeon and carefully selected treatments, results will be very natural looking. Learn how to get cosmetic surgery without looking fake or unnatural from the plastic surgery experts at Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre.

10 Tips for Natural Looking Plastic Surgery

  1. Choose the Right Surgeon– The most important decision you’ll make when preparing for plastic surgery is your choice of surgeon. Choose a surgeon that is well known for natural looking results and look carefully at their before/after photos. Both Dr. Reid and Dr. Gordon are board-certified plastic surgeons and leaders in the field. We create some of the best plastic surgery results in the Austin, TX area and beyond.
  2. A Little Goes a Long Way– You don’t need a lot of plastic surgery to make a big impact on your appearance. For natural results, a little tweak may be best. We offer a variety of minimally invasive treatments that provide natural looking, subtle enhancements. With our surgical procedures, we carefully find the balance between dramatic change and natural looking results.
  3. Listen to Your Surgeon’s Advice- If natural looking results are a priority, tell your surgeon and ask for their advice. With years of plastic surgery experience, your surgeon can help find treatments that achieve your goals in the most natural looking manner possible. Realize that you may need to adjust a few expectations for a natural look. For example, super-size implants may be too large to achieve a natural looking breast appearance.
  4. Timing Matters– There is often a “right time” for plastic surgery. You wouldn’t get a facelift in your 30’s or opt for a tummy tuck if you’re planning a pregnancy. Work with your plastic surgeon to choose the right time for your treatment. If you want to improve an area, but aren’t yet ready for a particular procedure, we can help you find alternative options. The right procedure at the right time is essential for natural looking results.
  5. Give It Time– It takes time for incisions to fade, implants to soften, and skin to relax after plastic surgery. Your results may not look as natural as you’d like right after surgery, but be patient. With a little time, your results will become more natural looking. Your surgeon can give you a better idea on timing and what to expect during your consultation.
  6. Follow Recovery Instructions– Listen to your surgeon and follow recovery instructions. These instructions were carefully developed to ensure that you heal properly and without complication. For example, it is critical to keep your incisions and new scars out of the sun. Too much sun can darken scars, making them more visible.
  7. Set Realistic Goals- Plastic surgery enhances what you already have. What you start with will determine what we can achieve. Work with your surgeon to set realistic goals for the procedure. A facelift at 50 isn’t going to make you look 20 again, and it shouldn’t. The right goals can help you avoid looking overdone.
  8. Take Care of Yourself– Even if you weren’t given perfect genetics, there is much you can do to improve your health and your appearance. Eat a balanced diet, exercise often, and don’t smoke. Take care of your skin and use sunscreen. Make what you have the best it can be. This will help your plastic surgery results to look better and more natural. Prevention can also help you avoid surgical procedures.
  9. Maintain– Looking your best is a lifetime project, not a one-time task. Work with us throughout your life to slow the signs of aging. We can use dermal fillers and Botox to maintain and enhance facelift results. You may need a breast lift at some point after breast augmentation. We’ll help you maintain your new look with the right skin care, follow up treatments, and minimally invasive enhancements.
  10. Plan for Evolution and Change– After plastic surgery, you’ll continue to age. If your surgery is done properly, you’ll still age naturally. You’ll always look younger than if you hadn’t had the procedure, but your look will change over time. Realize that your appearance is always changing and evolving. Our goal is to help you look your best at every stage of life, not to always look the same.

Get natural looking plastic surgery results at Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre. Call us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Reid or Dr. Gordon.

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