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How to Choose Your Best Breast

Take a break from the winter chill for a few minutes and come with us on a daydream to summer. What will you look like lounging by the pool? If you’re dreaming of a fuller bikini top or perkier breasts, come see us to get your best breasts. Winter is one of the best times to prep your body for summer. Call today and schedule your consultation.

What Are My Breast Surgery Options?

At Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre, we offer a variety of breast surgery options, helping you achieve your ideal breasts whether they are currently too big, too small, or too droopy. Come see us to explore your options one-on-one with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

  • Breast Augmentation– Get bigger, fuller breasts with breast augmentation. This procedure places an implant into the breast, adding volume and increasing breast size. Breast augmentation can increase your cup size by a little or a lot, depending on your goals for the procedure. Implants are long lasting, often enhancing the breasts for many years before they are removed or replaced. Overall, our patients are very happy with their breast augmentation results, both in and out of clothing.
  • Breast Reduction– Relieve back and neck pain with breast reduction. If your breasts are too large, this procedure will help create breasts that are more proportionate and perky. Breast reduction surgery removes skin, fat, and breast tissue to reshape and resize the breasts. Results are permanent. If your breasts keep you from enjoying clothing, exercise, and a comfortable life, come see us.
  • Breast Lift- Fight back against saggy breasts with a breast lift. This procedure repositions the breasts on the chest wall, removes excess skin, and restores a more youthful breast shape. This procedure is especially helpful after pregnancy and massive weight loss. It can be paired with breast augmentation if a lift and size increase are both desired.

Limited by Nature- How Your Anatomy Impacts Your Results

We strive to achieve stunning, natural looking breast augmentation results for each of our patients. We are well known, not only around Austin, TX, but also the entire country, as some of the best providers of breast augmentation. We want to help you achieve your best breasts, but in order to do that, we need to be honest about limitations. Plastic surgeons are artists, but we don’t start with a blank canvas. Each of our patients comes to us with a unique breast shape and structure. Some of these features will impact the final result.

The best way to know what results you can expect from breast surgery is to sit down with a surgeon and talk. After an examination, we’ll be able to give you a better idea of your options with breast surgery and the results you can expect to achieve. We’ll be honest with you and will explain any limitations that may be in place due to your unique anatomy. We want you to love your results and it is important to us to be honest during every stage of the process. We’ll explain what we can achieve and let you decide if breast surgery is your best option.

To see how the before creates the after in plastic surgery, take a look at our photo gallery of breast surgeries. Notice how the breast appearance before surgery impacts the results in the after photos.

Create Your Best Breasts with Us

There may seem like an overwhelming amount of options, but they are all for the best! Here are a few of the many things we can change about your breasts.

  • Size– Go bigger or smaller. With breast surgery we can modify the size and volume of your breasts. We’ll work with you to choose a breast size that complements your anatomy, your lifestyle, and your aesthetic goals. Big, small, or in between, you can control your breast size with breast surgery.
  • Position– Although we can’t change your natural breast position on the chest wall, we can help once things start to droop. A breast lift can restore your breasts to a more youthful position by reshaping and lifting the sagging tissues. If your nipples are below the inframammary fold, a breast lift can help you return to a more youthful breast position and shape.
  • Shape– Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and extreme weight loss can distort the breast’s shape. Implants can restore a better shape to your breasts. We use both round and teardrop shaped implants, depending on your anatomical and aesthetic needs.

As you work closely with our plastic surgeons preparing for surgery, we’ll talk about your options, desires, and goals. We are a team, working together to achieve your ideal look.

Summer might be months away, but if you want your best bikini body yet, come on in. At Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre, we’ll help you create your best breasts. Call today to schedule your consultation.

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