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How Pregnancy Affects a Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy is a time of change. New life grows inside of your body, transforming from a single cell into a tiny human in just nine months. This process is beautiful, but its effects on the mother’s body aren’t always as awe-inspiring.

Some of the biggest changes during pregnancy happen in the abdominal area. Rapid expansion and significant growth stretch out the skin and muscles while hormonal fluctuations create new fat deposits.

Tummy tuck surgery is often a wonderful solution to the unwanted changes of a post-baby belly. This procedure removes stretched out skin and extra fat from the abdomen and tightens the abdominal muscles to restore a tighter and flatter tummy after pregnancy.

Tummy tucks are usually performed after pregnancy, but as you know, pregnancy isn’t always intentional. What happens if you get pregnant after a tummy tuck? Learn how pregnancy will affect your tummy tuck results.

Pregnancy and Your Tummy Tuck Results

If you don’t want to become pregnant, take active steps to reduce the likelihood of conception. Your gynecologist can help you find effective birth control for your lifestyle and situation. Tummy tuck surgery does not reduce your ability to conceive.

Pregnancy is safe after a tummy tuck, but we don’t recommend it. As the baby grows, it will stretch the skin and muscle of the abdominal area. Many of the effects that are reversed by a tummy tuck can reoccur.

A tummy tuck may increase your chances of stretch marks. During pregnancy, the skin stretches and pulls to accommodate your growing baby. When the skin stretches too far or too fast, stretch marks occur. After a tummy tuck, patients have less skin. The remaining skin must stretch further, often leading to stretch marks.

Many women with a previous tummy tuck find that they don’t “show” as early and that their stomachs never look as large during pregnancy. Your muscles are tighter after a tummy tuck and don’t expand as much.

What Should I Do if I Get Pregnant After a Tummy Tuck?

If you get pregnant after a tummy tuck, there is no need to worry. Pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery is very common, and most women have a healthy pregnancy and uneventful delivery.

    • Let your obstetrician know that you’ve had a tummy tuck.
  • Contact your plastic surgeon and let them know that you’re expecting. They may have tips for preserving your tummy tuck results and can offer advice on revision surgery after pregnancy if needed.
  • Watch your weight gain. Gaining more weight than is needed can negatively impact your tummy tuck results. It is generally recommended that women gain 25-35 pounds during pregnancy. You may need to gain more or less, depending on your pre-pregnancy weight.
  • The baby can be delivered vaginally or via C-section. If you’re having a planned C-section, having your plastic surgeon present can reduce scarring and help to preserve your tummy tuck results.

After your baby is born, touch-up surgery can be performed if needed to remove excess skin and tighten the abdominal muscles. Many women opt for a mommy makeover to restore their breasts and body after pregnancy.

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