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Chin Augmentation and Rhinoplasty: Achieving Facial Harmony

Peanut butter and jelly make a perfect pair. So do chin augmentation and rhinoplasty. The results from the procedures complement each other to dramatically improve appearance. 

If you’re considering rhinoplasty, ask your plastic surgeon about whether chin augmentation can further enhance your facial balance.

How Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation Work Together for Your Best Results

We often recommend chin augmentation to our rhinoplasty patients. The face functions as a whole, and often multiple areas could contribute to disproportion. The nose and chin are two key areas for creating facial harmony. 

Understanding what each treatment does can help you understand how these procedures work together to transform and beautify the face. 

  • Rhinoplasty– Rhinoplasty is a procedure to reshape and contour the nose. During the procedure, your surgeon may remove bone and tissue or reshape the cartilage. This procedure can make a large nose smaller or even out humps and bumps to make your nose less prominent. 
  • Chin Augmentation– During chin augmentation, an implant is placed over the bone to increase the size of the chin. This added volume can even out the appearance of a large or prominent nose and bring proportion to the face. Chin augmentation is also used to bulk up a weak or recessed chin to improve the appearance of the lower face. 

Balance is key to achieving the best results from your cosmetic procedures. Chin augmentation and rhinoplasty work together to create synergy between the middle and lower face.

One Surgery, Two Results: The Benefits of Pairing Procedures Together

Chin augmentation and rhinoplasty are performed together, with only one trip to the operating room. Pairing procedures together offers our patients many benefits including:

  • Less Downtime– Recover from both surgeries together. Most patients experience much less downtime by pairing these treatments together than they would if they received chin surgery and rhinoplasty on separate occasions. 
  • More Affordable– Operating room and anesthesia expenses are a significant part of the cost when receiving plastic surgery. With one trip to the operating room, you’ll spend less than you would for two separate procedures. 
  • One Surgery– No one likes having surgery. Pairing procedures together cuts those pre-surgery jitters and surgical risks in half. 
  • Better Results– Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation work together to provide a better aesthetic result.

Will Adding Chin Augmentation to My Rhinoplasty Increase Recovery Times?

Most patients miss about two weeks of work for rhinoplasty surgery. If you add chin augmentation to your procedure, downtime is the same. Since you’ll recover from both procedures together, downtime isn’t increased by adding chin augmentation to your rhinoplasty.

Are There Any Non-Surgical Options for Chin Reshaping?

Surgery isn’t the only option for reshaping the chin and jawline. Dr. Reid and Dr. Gordon also use Botox® for jaw reshaping. Botox can relax the masseter muscle, one of the muscles that we use for chewing. In patients with a large masseter muscle, this can change the shape of the lower face. Don’t worry; the amount of Botox used is very small and this treatment doesn’t impede your ability to chew or smile. 

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