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Top Reasons Adults Choose Otoplasty

Otoplasty is commonly performed on children, but adults can and do have this surgery too. Why do adults choose otoplasty? Keep reading to discover the top reasons why patients choose cosmetic ear surgery in Austin, TX.

They Have Wanted Ear Surgery Since Childhood

Teasing is one reason why otoplasty is such a popular procedure for children. We find that performing ear surgery early on, often around age five or six, helps children to avoid a lifetime of teasing and can increase confidence as they grow up.

While ear surgery during childhood has many benefits, it isn’t always a possibility. Many of our cosmetic ear surgery patients have wanted surgery for decades, anxiously looking forward to the time when they could finally change their ears.

If you didn’t receive an otoplasty as a child but have always wanted it, ear surgery as an adult is possible. Our expert plastic surgeons have experience working with both adults and children, helping patients to transform their ears at any age.

Confidence Boost

Confidence comes from within, but when you like what you see in the mirror, it can give you a little boost. Our adult otoplasty patients tell us that they want to love their appearance. Changing their ears helps them to feel good about the way they look, and in turn, helps them to feel great about themselves.

No, otoplasty won’t change your whole world, but it might tweak your perspective.

Correct Prominent Ears

Ears come in many shapes and sizes, some more noticeable than others. When your ears are larger than normal or protrude from your head at an awkward angle, they may detract from your other beautiful facial features.

Otoplasty can correct prominent ears, giving your other features a chance to shine. Why should your ears get all the attention?

Bring Harmony to Facial Appearance

Life and looks are all about balance. When your features are balanced, they work together.

Plastic surgery can create balance in your appearance. Restora Austin Plastic Surgery offers many incredible procedures that aim to do just that. While an otoplasty looks to modify the appearance of your ears, Rhinoplasty can transform your nose, and Chin augmentation seeks to enhance the shape of your chin. If your appearance of out of balance, let our plastic surgeons help you find the right procedure to bring harmony to your face.

It’s Safe

Our patients value safety, and so do we. Many of our patients wouldn’t consider otoplasty if it wasn’t a safe and effective procedure. Otoplasty surgery is very safe, and the advanced surgical and anesthesia techniques that we use ensure a permanent, lasting result with minimal risk and minimal downtime.

If you’re thinking about otoplasty, call Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre at (512) 371-8817 or schedule a consultation today!

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