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All About Incisions

The choice of incision is dependent of a number of factors.

During your consultation, Dr. Reid or Dr. Gordon will determine which incision will provide the best aesthetic result for you with the least visible scars.

The incision for the insertion of breast implants is made in one of three places:

Inframammary or IMF

In the natural crease under the breast. This is the preferred method of both Dr. Reid and Dr. Gordon.


  • None



In the lower edge of the areola (dark skin surrounding the nipple)


  • Highest incidence of Capsular Contracture
  • Possible nipple or partial breast numbness
  • May interfere with successful breast-feeding after surgery
  • If revisionary surgery is ever needed, it may be necessary to make a new incision in the crease or IMF, rather than use the original one.


  • Well hidden scar


In the armpit.


  • Precise placement of the implant is difficult
  • Higher incidence of Capsular Contracture
  • Higher likelihood of Implant Malposition where the implant(s) migrates laterally (to the side or into the armpit).
  • If Breast Implant Revisionary Surgery is ever needed, it may be necessary to make a new incision in the crease or IMF, rather than use the original one.


  • Well hidden scar

In the majority of cases, the IMF incision is preferred. It offers the most benefits, and it’s well established in the literature to have the lowest incidence of Capsular Contracture. In cases of Tuberous or Constricted Breasts, the periareolar incision offers several advantages and is preferred.

Dr. Reid and Dr. Gordon do not perform the TUBA or trans-umbilical (through the belly button) approach for breast augmentation. This is not a standard way to place a breast implant because of the indirect nature and the high risk of rupturing the implant during placement. Both Drs. Reid and Gordon perform many revisionary procedures following this approach.

How much of a scar will be visible over time?

Scarring is a concern with any surgical procedure, and breast augmentation is no exception. We will make your scar as short as possible because we use the KELLER FUNNEL. Your incision for a silicone breast implant will be approximately 4 cm or 1.5” in length. The Keller Funnel allows for shorter incision lengths because it delivers the implant gently into the breast pocket with no stretching of the incision.

Typically, breast scars look good at 6 weeks, but continue to mature during the 12 months following surgery. You will have a scar, but most fade with time. We will recommend scar therapy techniques that you will use after surgery for 3 months to help the scars fade and heal flat. In the rare event that your scar was unsightly, we can perform Laser Scar Treatments.

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