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Achieve Your 2019 Goals with EMSCULPT®

Year after year, you resolve to achieve a better body, and year after year, you fall short. If you’re struggling to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions, you aren’t alone. Most resolutions fail, but you can do things differently this year. Partner with Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre and achieve a better body with EMSCULPT®. We’re booking consultations and treatments for early 2019 now; call us to save your spot on the schedule. Let’s turn your resolutions into reality!

How EMSCULPT® Can Help You Achieve Your Body Goals in 2019

For a sculpted core and slender waist, you need two things: less fat and more muscle. Most body contouring treatments focus solely on fat reduction, leaving patients on their own to increase muscle tone. EMSCULPT® helps our patients achieve both of these body benchmarks.

EMSCULPT® works by activating muscle contractions with high-intensity electrical energy. This stimulates the abdominal muscles to contract as many as 20,000 times during a single treatment session. Since each contraction is the equivalent of an abdominal crunch, your muscles achieve a greater workout than you could ever accomplish naturally on your own. EMSCULPT® also reduces the fat layer by almost 20%, boosts muscle mass by up to 16%, and can improve diastasis recti, a common form of abdominal muscle separation, especially after pregnancy.

EMSCULPT® is versatile. It is ideal for many body types and is used on both men and women. Patients use it to fight back against bulges and rolls or to tighten their musculature. Slender and fit, or hoping to lose a few pounds, EMSCULPT® may help you to achieve your goals. If you have a long way to go, it’s best to lose your weight with diet and exercise and use EMSCULPT® at the end of your journey.

What to Expect from an EMSCULPT® Treatment

Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre is proud to be one of two aesthetic practices in Austin that offers EMSCULPT®. We perform this treatment at our office location in a comfortable treatment room. Come in for a consultation to get started.

A typical EMSCULPT® treatment takes about 30 minutes. You won’t need to do anything, as the device does all the work. Lay back and relax while your muscles get a workout. Patients return home immediately after treatment or are free to resume any regular daily activities. Go back to work, grab a coffee, the rest of the day is up to you!

After treatment, you may have mild soreness the next day. The muscles will feel as though they’ve just completed a challenging ab or squat workout, because they have.

Initial results are often seen after the second treatment, but it takes several months to see the final results of EMSCULPT®. Results continue to improve for about 6 months. Most patients opt to get maintenance treatments every 3-6 months to maintain their new look.

Jumpstart Your New Body with EMSCULPT®

Sticking with resolutions is hard. As you put in effort and want more results, it is easy to get discouraged and give up. EMSCULPT® can give you the jumpstart you need to make a lasting change. Many of our patients report feeling increased motivation to eat right and exercise as they see sleek, defined muscles emerge after EMSCULPT®.

We are so excited to bring EMSCULPT® to our patients in Austin, TX. Come in for a consultation and learn more. Resolution success made possible by EMSCULPT®!

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