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Steps to Ensure the Best Results From Your Rhinoplasty

Your beautiful new nose awaits. Get the best possible results from your rhinoplasty with these tips from the board-certified plastic surgeons at Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre.

Be Choosy About Your Surgeon

Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure. Surgeons carefully reshape the nose by removing and reshaping bone and cartilage. In addition to achieving beautiful aesthetic results, a rhinoplasty surgeon must pay careful attention to the function of the nose. Every step of the process must protect, preserve, and improve the airway.

Beautiful and functional rhinoplasty results aren’t easy to achieve. Look for a surgeon that specializes in rhinoplasty with advanced training in this complex type of surgery. Dr. Dustin Reid performs all rhinoplasties at Restora Austin. He is a member of the Rhinoplasty Society, an elite organization comprised of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the United States.

Get a Preview of Your Results

Communication is subjective. You may say one thing, while your rhinoplasty surgeon hears another. Having communication tools in place can ensure both patient and surgeon are on the same page before rhinoplasty surgery. We use facial morphing software to help bridge communication gaps in preparation for surgery. Our patients get a preview of their potential results at their consultation with Dr. Reid.

Of course, computer-generated results and real-life results can vary, but by using imaging software, you’ll know that your surgeon understands your goals and desires for surgery. This understanding eliminates post-surgery surprises and leads to improved outcomes.

Customize Your Rhinoplasty

Your age, gender, ethnicity, and facial features impact your ideal nasal appearance. Rhinoplasty can’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Cookie-cutter results are one reason the rhinoplasty results of 30 years ago often looked fake and forced.

Using a customized approach allows for variation in results, creating a nose that looks more natural and allowing patients to retain their unique cultural identities while also enjoying the benefits of rhinoplasty.

Give Your Nose Time to Heal

All good things take time, rhinoplasty included. Many patients are surprised to find that their new nose doesn’t look quite like they expected when the bandages first come off. It is very common to have residual swelling and bruising initially after a rhinoplasty. Be patient.

It can take up to a year for the nose to fully heal after rhinoplasty. Your nose’s appearance will continue to refine and improve during this period of healing. Don’t rush into a revision surgery. Your results are there, but need time to reveal themselves.

Combine When Necessary

Rhinoplasty produces beautiful results on its own for many patients, but sometimes a complementary procedure can further enhance your results.

Chin augmentation is one example. Many patients with a large nose also have a weak or undefined chin. This lack of chin definition can make the nose look larger than it is. Building up the chin while reducing the nose can create synergistic results, far better than you’d get from a single procedure. If Dr. Reid recommends a complementary procedure like chin implants, consider it carefully before you decide. Combining treatments can enhance your rhinoplasty results.

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