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Nipple Surgery: Is It the Next Big Thing in Plastic Surgery?

Your breasts are so much more than cup size alone. Every aspect of their form and function is important to how a woman feels about herself. Women often talk about breast augmentation to increase breast size and enhance shape, but few talk about nipples. Let’s explore an important, but often under-acknowledged part of the breasts, the nipple.

What Is the Nipple?

Technically speaking, the nipple is only the small amount of projecting tissue, located in the middle of the areola. However, when most people talk about nipples, they are referring to the nipple-areolar complex, both the nipple and the pigmented tissue surrounding it (areola). Just like breasts, nipples and areolas come in all shapes and sizes.

What Is Nipple Surgery?

Like a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae, the nipple and areola complete the appearance of the breast. If you suffer from inverted nipples, puffy nipples, or stretched out areolas, you are not alone. Come learn about your options for nipple surgery. Our patients are always excited to discover how easily nipple and areola concerns can be resolved.

What Can We Do About Your Nipple Concerns?

If you’re concerned about the appearance of your nipples, come in for a consultation with Dr. Reid or Dr. Gordon. We can provide detailed information about your treatment options after an examination.

  • Enlarged Areolas– Enlarged areolas often occur after pregnancy or breastfeeding. If the diameter of the areola is very large, it can look out of proportion to the rest of the breast. Areola reduction can be performed with a breast reduction or a breast lift.
  • Puffy Nipples/Areolas– Puffy areolas are often an associated with tuberous breasts. We can correct the nipple and breast deformity at the same time. The protruding tissue under the areola is re-contoured, allowing the areola to lay flat on the breast.
  • Enlarged Nipples– Nipple reduction surgery can reduce the width and/or length of the nipple. Length reduction can reduce nipple projection in patients where this is a concern.
  • Inverted Nipples– As many as 2% of women have inverted nipples, with varying degrees of severity. Inverted nipple surgery takes less than an hour and only requires local anesthesia.

Loving your breasts is more than just loving the size or shape. We want you to love the whole package. Come see us for nipple surgery.

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