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How Your Facial Appearance Changes After a Rhinoplasty

If you have been considering a rhinoplasty, it is essential to consider the changes that will happen before committing and undergoing the procedure. You might be hesitant to undergo rhinoplasty because you think that you may not look like yourself after the operation. However, living your life unhappy with the appearance of your nose profile shouldn’t be taken lightly either. Here is everything you should consider before undergoing rhinoplasty surgery.

What Does a Rhinoplasty Change?

Rhinoplasty addresses both the cosmetic and functional features of the nose, though most patients seek the procedure for aesthetic reasons alone. Even so, being unhappy with the appearance of your nose does not always mean you’re dissatisfied with other facial features, such as your eyes, cheeks, and mouth. Yet, many rhinoplasty patients can end up having a completely different look after surgery, so it’s easy to assume that it’s not just the nose that is affected in this type of surgery.

Rhinoplasty is performed on the internal and/or external nasal structures. However, other additional procedures, such as chin augmentation or lip fillers, may be added to your surgical plan if you have discussed this with your plastic surgeon. The surgery will change the nose’s shape, appearance, size, or projection (or sometimes a combination of each). However, your eyes, mouth, cheeks, and chin will all remain structurally the same.

How Your Nose Can Change Everything

Many patients wonder how changing the structure of the nose can have such a dramatic impact on the surrounding facial features and even the overall aesthetic of the face. Considering the nose is at the forefront of the human face, a sole structure that extends forward from the cheeks, forehead, and jaw, it’s easier to understand how changing its size and shape can have a more significant effect. When the nose is restructured to be smaller, the eyes might appear smaller, cheeks fuller, and chin softer.

Given this important positioning, the nose can make or break the harmony of the face of any woman or man. With a nose that is too big or too small, crooked or straight, hooked or flat, the entire structure of the face will appear to change. Altering the nose through rhinoplasty will typically help the other features become more harmonious.

How Rhinoplasty is Performed

At Restora Austin, one of Austin’s best plastic Surgeons, Dr. Reid, has taken a particular interest in rhinoplasty. He performs all rhinoplasty surgeries in Restora Austin and has a deep understanding of reshaping the nose to preserve facial harmony and symmetry. With Dr. Reid, you can rest assured that your procedure will only enhance your features. Every patient is different, and that’s why Dr. Reid takes time to evaluate the characteristics of your nose that are uniquely yours. He will use a tool called photography with facial morphing to show you the changes being done to your nose at your initial consultation. With this technology, you can get an idea of how the rest of your facial features will be affected.

Plan Your Rhinoplasty Surgery with Austin’s Top Plastic Surgeon

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