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Bye Bye Blemishes: Understanding Your Laser Options

We’re usually not big fans of goodbye, but when we’re talking blemishes, we’re always ready to say, “Adieu.” Learn how laser treatments available at Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre can erase unwanted brown spots, wrinkles, and blemishes.

Modern Laser Treatments: Better than Ever

Advances in laser and light treatments provide our patients with more possibilities than ever to treat blemishes and achieve clear skin. Newer laser treatments often require less downtime than traditional laser options and offer better results.

How Do Lasers Work?

Laser devices emit high-intensity light. This powerful light resurfaces the skin, removing damaged cells and boosting your body’s collagen production. By eliminating damaged skin and encouraging your remaining skin to heal, lasers can have a dramatic impact on your skin’s appearance.

We use some of the most advanced lasers in Austin, including the revolutionary Halo laser.

What Treatment Is Best for My Blemishes?

At Restora Austin, we focus on bringing our patients the latest and most effective treatment options for their skin concerns:

  • Stretch Marks – Stretch marks are a result of a tear in the dermis of the skin, usually due to rapid expansion. Stretch marks are hard to treat, but lasers can be an effective solution.
  • Scars – There are two types of scars: atrophic scars, where the skin has decreased or thinned, and hypertrophic scars, where excess tissue has developed. Lasers treat both types, removing excess tissue on hypertrophic scars, and building up the skin on atrophic scars. Our practitioners are adept in laser scar treatments and also offer laser-assisted drug delivery for scars.
  • Acne – Broadband light treatments, which are similar to lasers, can effectively treat acne. We usually pair this with medications and other multi-faceted treatments.
  • Lines and Wrinkles – Many cosmetic lasers boost collagen production in the skin, smoothing wrinkles and improving the skin’s thickness.
  • Age Spots – BBL is one of our favorite options for treating age spots. We aren’t limited to just treating age spots on the face; BBL treatments can be highly effective on the hands, legs, and other areas too.
  • Spider Veins – Spider veins and vascular lesions respond very well to BBL light therapy. The heat damages and eventually removes the abnormal blood vessels.
  • Sun Damage – Sun damage is one of the most common skin concerns, occurring even when you’re diligent about sun protection. BBL and laser treatments can effectively address wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and other sun-related skin concerns.

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Finding the right treatment options for your skin concerns requires unmatched experience and care.

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