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7 Reasons to Try Microneedling This Fall

Does it seem like you’ve tried everything to improve your skin’s tone and texture, but you still struggle with discoloration, sun damage, and signs of premature aging? Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, does what no skin care regimen can. This process, which involves creating tiny puncture wounds in the surface of the skin, dates back decades in dermatological medicine and cosmetic surgery settings to treat scar tissue and stimulate collagen formation.

If you’re just hearing about this aesthetic treatment, you might cringe a bit at the idea of letting someone insert tiny needles into your skin. Their size and depth of penetration are nothing to fear, however. Treatments are quick and relatively comfortable with almost no downtime.

Even better, this process harnesses your body’s incredible ability to heal and restore your skin, naturally! Restora clients in Austin love microneedling, and we’re sharing our top seven reasons why.

1. It Goes Beyond Surgery and Face Cream

Facial “lifting” surgeries and cosmeceutical skin creams are on opposite ends of the cosmetic spectrum. They each have an essential role to play and can be the right treatment at the ideal time. However, it’s usually impossible to resolve skin texture irregularities such as acne scarring, oversized pores, and fine lines with products alone.

Likewise, lifting and smoothing skin through surgical procedures can achieve dramatic improvements for wrinkles and laxity, but not finer textural problems.

Microneedling is non-surgical, chemical-free, and targeted specifically for acne scars, fine lines, stretch marks, and thin skin.

2. Microneedling Is Natural

Microneedling stimulates your innate healing response. When ultrafine needles create a micro-channel in the skin, your body responds by generating collagen and elastin.

For skin that has lost some thickness and resilience over time, this natural kickstart for collagen can improve the complexion noticeably, without surgery, stitches, or injecting anything.

3. Skin Needling Allows Better Product Absorption

A microneedling bonus is that this treatment will make your topical serums and skin-nourishing formulas even more beneficial. When applied to the treated area, they’ll be able to penetrate more deeply into the tiny puncture wounds for greater efficacy.

4. Comfortable Treatment

You can have a topical anesthetic applied before treatment to numb the area, and because the needles only enter 1-2 mm deep, it’s not as uncomfortable as some injections or laser treatments may be.

5. Extremely Safe

Skin needling is safe for all skin tones, and even for sensitive skin. The needles penetrate the epidermis through to the mid-dermis at a precisely controlled depth. We can even treat the thin, delicate skin around the eyes with this shallow needling, yielding beautiful results.

Devices are disposable, so they don’t carry a high risk of infection, and darker-skinned clients don’t need to worry about common laser concerns such as hyperpigmentation or burns.

6. Fast Recovery

If you’re a busy person, you likely steer clear of treatments that require days or weeks of downtime for recovery. Microneedling can cause temporary redness, but this is typically mild and only lasts 24 to 48 hours.

7. Diminishes the Look of Stretch Marks

Though microneedling can help improve many skin imperfections, one of the most stubborn is the dreaded stretch mark. Many people have these lines on their bodies and wish they didn’t, but few technologies exist to treat them.

That’s because the marks represent small tears within the skin layers, and they may be textural as well as pigmented. Creams and lotions will soften the skin, but minimizing the indented lines requires generating new collagen and elastin – which collagen induction therapy makes possible.

Where to Get Microneedling in Austin

Treat yourself to renewed skin elasticity and tone with microneedling this fall. Please connect with us to book your consultation at Restora in Austin today.

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