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3 Things Men Ask When They Go For Plastic Surgery

Every year, cosmetic surgery numbers are on the constant rise. With advancements in technology, skilled board-certified plastic surgeons can now achieve seemingly infinite anti-aging possibilities, allowing countless people to achieve their desired aesthetic. In the past, plastic surgery may have been a solution mostly for women, but now, more and more men are also utilizing modern aesthetic innovations to look and feel their best.

The experienced and highly reputable team at Restora Austin, led by Dr. Reid and Dr. Gordon, offers a wide variety of procedures to help both men and women reach their aesthetics goals. Here we’ve broken down three of the most common things men ask Dr. Reid and Dr. Gordon when they discuss possible procedures.

1. Limited Recovery Time

Life can be busy. From juggling work, family, and social lives, there is often limited time to fit in a cosmetic treatment, especially one that involves a lengthy recovery time. One of our male patients’ biggest concerns is how long their visit, treatment, and recovery will take.

Dr. Reid and Dr. Gordon fully understand and respect how valuable your time is, and their entire team at Restora Austin will make sure every step of the process is as efficient and safe as possible. We offer several non-invasive anti-aging options like Botox® and dermal filler, which only take around 30 minutes to administer and provides instant results.

2. Body Sculpting

While many male clients benefit from the transformative results of facial procedures, many of our male clients are also concerned about stubborn areas of the body where fat refuses to leave even with rigorous diet and exercise. Fat reduction treatments at Restora Austin such as liposuction, tummy tuck, or Emsculpt® are becoming hugely popular amongst the male clientele. All of these can significantly reduce unwanted fat and give you the boost in confidence you’ve been looking for. Gynecomastia, or male breast reduction, is another treatment that can refine a masculine contour to the pecs.

3. Natural Results

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, today’s patients are all about the natural look, which Dr. Reid and Dr. Gordon strive to achieve. Our goal is to provide you with results that naturally improve upon the features that are already there. We do this by first studying pictures of you when you were younger and then we attempt to replicate those features.

Facelifts are one of our most natural-looking and transformative facial rejuvenation options available. Dr. Reid or Dr. Gordon will carefully contour your face and jawline, addressing the root causes of skin laxity without ever creating a “stretched” look.

Rejuvenation For Men in Austin, Texas

Whether you’re looking for a competitive edge in business, a way to look as good as you feel, or perhaps you know someone who has recently had one of these procedures and became curious about how it could also build your self-confidence, you’ve come to the right place. Explore the various aesthetic treatments offered at Restora Austin that will reflect your hard-earned success and confidence.

For more information on these procedures listed, don’t hesitate to contact Restora Austin (512) 371-8817 or fill out our online form to schedule your consultation.

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