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How Long Does it Take to Fully Recovery from a Facelift?

restoraAre you in need of a facelift? Many of our prospective facelift patients have questions about the recovery. What will my facelift recovery entail? How long will I need to miss work? This guide will help you understand the recovery process after a facelift. Rediscover a younger looking you.

What Is a Facelift?

A facelift is a rejuvenating surgical procedure that repositions the soft tissues of the face that have descended vertically with time. It also removes excess skin and reshapes and sculpts the face. Both Dr. Reid and Dr. Gordon perform facelifts at Restora Austin, utilizing modern techniques to transform the face, not just tighten skin. The result is a natural looking lift, not an expressionless, windblown look.

Facelift Recovery: Two Distinct Phases

You will need some time to recover after a facelift. Give yourself plenty of time to heal and don’t rush the process. Once you’re healed you’ll look 8-10 years younger and can enjoy the results for years to come.

We like to say that there are two phases to facelift recovery: surgical downtime and social downtime. Here’s what to expect during each phase.

  • Surgical Downtime– Our facelifts are performed at INSPIRE, our fully accredited surgery center. We typically recommend an overnight stay where you will be taken care of by your own private RN immediately after your procedure. When you return home the following day, you’ll need to take it easy. Most patients describe feelings of mild discomfort and tightness, but not pain. We will provide you with detailed instructions on what to do during this time to optimize your healing and recovery. Surgical downtime typically lasts about a week. During this time we ask that you avoid strenuous activities, rest a lot, and take it easy.
  • Social Downtime– After a week or two, you can resume many activities, even going outside with a hat and sunscreen. You will have swelling, numbness, and bruising which typically last 1-2 weeks. Many patients return to work after 2 weeks. You won’t be fully healed for 6-8 weeks and we recommend avoiding big social events for two months.

We will give you more details on what you can expect for your recovery during your consultation.

Tips for a Successful Facelift Recovery

If you’re planning a facelift, a little preparation can go a long way in creating a successful recovery experience. Know that healing takes time and commit to giving your body the time it needs. Plan to take about 2 weeks off from work and enlist your support network to help you with your other responsibilities during the initial days after your procedure. Don’t rush your recovery. Are you ready for your facelift? Call us today and schedule your facelift consultation at Restora Austin.

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