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Combining Plastic Surgery Procedures: Is it Safe?

Our philosophy at Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre is simple, “Beginning with Trust, Ending with Beauty.” We realize that for a successful plastic surgery, each patient must place their trust in their surgeon. We are honored by the trust our patients give us and always ensure that the procedures we offer are safe. Patient safety is, and will always be, our top priority.

Combining plastic surgery procedures can be done safely, but it is essential that the surgeon carefully plan to ensure a safe experience. Some procedures may be better performed separately. We’ll talk in depth about the pros and cons of combining procedures during your plastic surgery consultation in Austin, TX.

Combining Plastic Surgery Procedures

Aging, weight loss, and pregnancy lead to dramatic changes in the face and body. Reversing these major changes requires a multi-pronged surgical approach, usually involving a combination of plastic surgery procedures. In many cases, these treatments can be combined and performed together during a single trip to our fully accredited operating room.

Combing treatments can be beneficial for our patients. By pairing multiple cosmetic procedures together, our patients enjoy:

  • Less Downtime- Recovery is the least desirable part of plastic surgery. Pairing procedures together allows for a concurrent recovery, often reducing downtime and hassle. Many patients prefer a singular recovery period for multiple procedures.
  • Fewer Pre and Post-Op Visits- Pre and post-op visits are scheduled per surgery, not per procedure. We’ll talk with you about all the treatments you’re receiving during a single visit. Patients that receive two procedures together, cut their pre and post-op visits in half.
  • Less Missed Work- Many of our patients have limited time off work. Combining plastic surgery treatments cuts downtime and allows patients to miss less work while achieving their aesthetic goals.
  • Cost Savings- Combining procedures can cut down on surgical expenses like anesthesia or operating room costs.
  • Better Results- Many procedures enhance the results of other procedures we offer. For example, if a patient needs both a breast lift and breast implants, we can achieve better results by pairing them together.

When we can safely combine treatments to save our patients time and money, we do. However, there are times when it is safer to separate multiple procedures into several staged surgeries. To ensure patient safety, we need to consider the amount of time a patient spends under anesthesia, the logistical ability of performing procedures on distinctly different areas of the body at once (buttocks vs. face or breasts for example), and the likelihood of complications if procedures are combined. When it is safer to separate procedures, we’ll let you know and help you divide treatments into safe and achievable stages.

Our Most Popular Combination Procedures

Our board-certified plastic surgeons are innovators in their field. They expertly combine procedures, achieving some of the best aesthetic results in the state, and have created unique combination offerings like our Tummy Tuck 360. Learn more about some of the most popular combination treatments offered at Restora Austin.

Mommy Makeover

There’s no denying that pregnancy changes the body. Many of our mommy makeover patients long for a flat tummy, perky breasts, and rejuvenated feminine areas after pregnancy. Our mommy makeover combines procedures like breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, and vaginal rejuvenation to give moms their bodies back. Loving your kids and your body too can be your reality with a mommy makeover in Austin, TX.

Tummy Tuck 360

A tummy tuck transforms the tummy, but when you want to look your best from front to back and side to side, you need our Tummy Tuck 360. This revolutionary procedure was created by our surgeons, right here in Austin, TX. It combines a tummy tuck with SAFELipo for a dramatic result that improves the appearance of the entire mid-section. Our surgeons often call this combination treatment our “shrink wrap” procedure.

Facial Plastic Surgeries

Our facelift pairs beautifully with other facial procedures like blepharoplasty or forehead lift surgery. The facelift focuses on the lower portions of the face and the neck. Eyelid or forehead lift surgery brings rejuvenation to the upper face. Look your best from brow to chin by combining facial surgeries.

Could you benefit from a combination plastic surgery treatment? Sit down with our plastic surgeons and explore your options for face and body rejuvenation. Call us at 512-371-8817 to schedule your consultation.

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