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Breast augmentation in Your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s

If you’re unhappy with your breasts, ask us about breast augmentation. This procedure is ideal for women at practically any age. If you’re in good health and want to change the appearance of your breasts, we can help. This guide will help you navigate breast augmentation surgery with tips and advice for every age. Please get in touch if you have any questions and for personalized advice.

Breast Augmentation in Your 20s

Breast augmentation was the top cosmetic surgical procedure for women in their 20s during 2016. During their 20s many women opt for the procedure to correct asymmetry or to increase the size of naturally small breasts. The 20s are an excellent time for breast augmentation. Your body heals quickly and recovery times are typically minimal.

  • May Be Limited with Implant Options– Saline implants can be used for breast augmentation on women that 18+, but silicone implants are only FDA-approved for women that are at leas
  • Plan on Implant Replacement in the Future– There is no set life expectancy for implants, but if you’re getting breast augmentation in your 20s you will likely need to replace your implants at least once as you get older. Plan on one or more implant exchanges, hopefully many years in the future.

Breast Augmentation in Your 30s

Breast augmentation accounted for 37% of all cosmetic surgical procedures for women in their 30s in 2015. This procedure is very popular for women in this age bracket. In the 30s the reasons for breast augmentation are varied. Some women opt for surgery to increase breast size or to correct asymmetry. Others may choose breast augmentation to restore breast shape and size after pregnancy.

  • Do You Need a Breast Lift?- Pregnancy, genetics, and other factors all contribute to breast sagging. If you have sagging, you may need a breast lift. We can perform this procedure at the same time as your augmentation. We’ve prepared an informative guide to help you determine if you need a breast lift.
  • Should I Wait Until After Kids for Breast Augmentation?- Many women in their 30s wonder if they should delay breast surgery until after they have finished bearing children. The right answer for you depends on many factors, but often there is no need to delay. We can help you decide if the timing is right.

Breast Augmentation in Your 40s

In the 40s breast augmentation is often chosen to reverse the signs of aging and pregnancy. If your breasts have lost their youthful shape, an implant may help you to enhance your breast appearance.

  • Breast Augmentation as Part of a Mommy Makeover– Breast augmentation is an excellent addition to a Mommy Makeover. If you’re getting a tummy tuck, vaginal rejuvenation, or other procedures, consider adding breast augmentation too.
  • Are You Ready for an Implant Exchange?- If you’ve had a previous breast augmentation, you may be ready to exchange your implants. Many women opt for an implant exchange to correct a leak, to change size, or to fix problems like capsular contracture.

Breast Augmentation in Your 50s and Beyond

Think 50 is too old for breast augmentation? Think again. If you’re in good health and want to make the change, you’re likely a good candidate. This procedure is becoming more and more common in older patients and is excellent choice if you want to change your breast appearance.  We often perform breast surgery on women in their 50s and even early 60s with excellent results.

  • When Was Your Last Mammogram?- If you’re at an age for routine mammograms, we typically recommend that you get one before your breast augmentation. This helps spot any issues before surgery and gives us a good baseline for your breast structure for future mammograms.
  • You May Need a Lift- At 50 many women have some degree of breast ptosis or droopiness. Some women will need a breast lift to get a great result. We’ll explain your options during your consultation.

Love your breasts at any age. Call and schedule your breast augmentation consultation today.

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