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About Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre

Serving Austin, TX Cosmetic Surgery Patients

At Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre, we want to give our patients the most positive experience they can expect from a plastic surgery center. We strive to provide the most current, safe, and effective procedures available today. By combining procedures that have stood the test of time with newly proven advances in technology, we feel that our office is on the cutting edge to provide you with the best options. As importantly, we will give you the most personal service and care, anywhere!

Our Goal: We want to exceed your expectations & give you the natural- appearing results that you deserve.

Read about Austin, Texas cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Dustin Reid.

Read about Texas Female cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ashley Gordon.

Read about our plastic surgery team.

All surgical and non-surgical procedures are performed only by Drs. Reid and Gordon.




Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Center provides cosmetic surgery including breast augmentation, breast reduction, Botox, rhinoplasty, liposuction, facelift, and more.

Dustin Reid, M.D.
Ashley Gordon, M.D.
901 W 38th Street, Suite 401
Austin, Texas 78705


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