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Cellulaze™ Laser- Assisted Anti-Cellulite Treatment

It may surprise you to know that cellulite is actually caused by factors outside your control.

Many believe it’s a fat problem, which can be addressed through diet and exercise. But fat isn’t the only culprit. Cellulite is a structural problem below the skin. Drs. Ashley Gordon and Dustin Reid understand the frustration of millions of women who have tried various remedies but still struggle with the dimpling or “cottage cheese” look that generally appears on their skin in the thighs, buttocks and other areas of the body. They are excited to offer Cellulaze™, a minimally-invasive, laser-assisted anti-cellulite treatment clinically proven to increase your skin’s natural thickness for a smoother, healthier look and lasting results after only one treatment.


You will wake up after your Cellulaze™ treatment wearing a compression garment. The compression garment helps to reduce swelling, so you will wear it for 6 weeks after treatment. You may experience some aches and feel a little sore for a day or two, similar to how you would feel after a strenuous workout. You may or may not have bruising.

You should be able to return to normal activities after a day or two and resume more strenuous exercise after 1-2 weeks. Because the laser stimulates the growth of new collagen, your results will continue to improve over the next 3-12 months.


For the Cellulaze™ treatment, a very small cannula is inserted under the skin. Using Cynosure’s unique SideLaze technology, a tiny laser fiber inside the cannula delivers energy and releases the tight fibrous bands that pull down on your skin. This instantly minimizes the orange peel look associated with cellulite. At the same time, the laser energy accelerates your skin’s collagen production, which improves its depth and quality, giving it a healthier appearance.


There is typically minimal discomfort during the 1-2 hour Cellulaze™ treatment.


The biggest problem is, we still associate cellulite with fat – and that has been the mistake in treatments of the past. It’s actually caused by a hereditary trait that causes your connective tissue to form in a way that traps fat and causes it to push up against the skin, resulting in dimpled skin or a “cottage cheese” effect. This is why you will often find women who are thin but still struggle with cellulite. In short, fat is not the culprit.

There are three structural problems that cause the appearance of cellulite.

  1. Tough bands of connective tissue tighten around the fat cells beneath your skin.
  2. Pockets of fat trapped by these rigid bands push up against skin, causing the dimpled appearance.
  3. Thin, less elastic skin in the area worsens appearance of cellulite.
cellulite structure

Although both men and women may experience issues with cellulite, there are typically more occurrences with women since they are more likely to have the types of fat and connective tissue conducive to cellulite formation. The key to truly improving areas plagued by cellulite is to release the connective tissue, smooth and melt the fat, and condition the skin. With Cellulaze™, we can accomplish all three of these goals in just one treatment.


It isn’t clear what exactly causes cellulite in some people but not in others. Some explanations include:

Hormonal factors – It is theorized that estrogen, insulin, thyroid hormones, or prolactin may play a role in cellulite development.

Genetics – Your genes may predispose you to develop cellulite. Also, slow metabolism, circulatory problems and the distribution of fat may all be factors contributing to cellulite development.

Diet and Lifestyle – Factors such as diets high in fat and carbohydrates, smokers and people who are inactive may be more predisposed cellulite development. Also, aging and dramatic weight fluctuations can contribute to the appearance of cellulite.

Although many of these contributing factors are outside of your control, you CAN control how you treat your cellulite. Many anti-cellulite treatments including topical lotions and serums merely treat superficially, addressing the area above the skin. Only Cellulaze™ attacks the structural problems beneath the skin that cause cellulite.


cellulazepremierDrs. Gordon and Reid offer advanced laser assisted anti-cellulite treatment at Inspire Surgery Centre their state-of-the-art outpatient facility. Find out more about the amazing Cellulaze™ technology offered at Restora Austin Plastic Surgery Centre and learn how you can finally rid yourself of unsightly dimpling in your thighs. Call 512.371.8819 to schedule a consultation.

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